THE HOLE Dive Site In Cyprus

General Information About The Hole In Protaras Cyprus

Entry:                              Giant stride or walk in from the shore and rocks
Exit:                                  Walk out
Max Depth:                   17-23m
Pre-Requisite:             Open water and above
Dive Time:                    45 – 80 minutes

‘The Hole’ is a popular dive site with many divers of all abilities and this is for several reasons. The Hole is located in the Green Bay area of Protaras and offers a relaxed and pleasurable dive for diver who are Open Water certified (or equivalent) or above.

This page is designed to offer more information about the ‘The Hole’ dive site and also the dive itself. If you have any further questions you would like answering about ‘The Hole’, please do not hesitate to contact The Cyprus Diving Centre and we will try to answer your question or enquiry as soon as possible.


the holeThe entry to this dive site is a nice simple giant stride from a jetty into water which is around 4metres in depth. We have several of our boats moored close to the jetty so we know that the water depth is a safe and reliable place to enter the dive.

Once we have completed all our safety checks and are happy that all the divers are comfortable, the dive begins with a slow gradual descent. As you begin the dive and descend under the crystal clear waters that Cyprus has to offer, you can generally see Shoals of small fish that live under and around the jetty. The variety and size of fish does vary depending on the weather and time of year but there are usually quite a few different types swimming around.

As we start off on the dive the water tends to become a little shallower due to the rock formations but there are plenty of Gullies to explore as you swim over them which makes the swim a little more interesting.

The Millennium FalconThe Cyprus Diving Centre (63)

Our first point of interest is the Millennium Falcon which is sat on top of its launch pad. Passing this, we then make our way over to the first of the swim throughs.

First Swim Through

The Hole cdcThe first of several swim throughs starts at around 5 meters and is approximately  8 meters in length. As you enter the swim through, it is common to see bot Squirrel and Hatchet fish both of whom are habitants of the Red Sea. Towards the end of the first swim through there is generally a lovely ray of sunshine which penetrates through the water filling the small bowl which we drop into before we exit through a hole in the sea bed.

Watch The Video Of The First Swim Through

the hole morayHaving completed the first swim through, we then begin to make our way to ‘The Hole’. The approach to The Hole takes us over a number of gullies and drop offs to which are home to several Moray Eels. It is very common to see the Moray Eels poking their heads out from between the rocks and the odd Trigger fish can also be seen around this area!


Approaching The Hole

Our approach to The Hole takes us over a ridge at around 7 meters and this is where the sea bed drops away. At this point, you can see the entrance to The Hole which is on a ‘half-moon’ shape seabed rock. The the approach to The Hole begins at a depth of around 10 meters and drops down to a depth of around 17 meters.

The Entrance To The Hole

The entrance to The Hole is very distinctive and it looks like someone has took a giant axe and tried to split the rocks in two and as they have taken the axe away, it has left a hole the shape of the blade.

Entering The Hole

We enter ‘The Hole’ by steadily descending through hole the top opening and then once down at around 15 meters we have to turn to our left and swim across the sandy sea bottom. As you look up to your left, there are usually Squirrel fish swimming upside down (which always throws me) and there can be schools of Hatchet fish with the odd one or two Groupers hiding in and around the rocks.

Exiting The Hole

Once we exit The hole, we have a couple of options, we can swim around the rock face which is to our right and then start to make our way back or (depending on your qualification), can swim across the sea grass and see the wreck of a small car which is buried in the sand.

Heading Back

Making our way back to the exit point of the dive, we swim back through and up out of The Hole. As we swim towards our exit point we have another small ‘swim through’ past the millennium falcon which leads us back into the bay.

Exit Point Of The Dive

There are two choices regarding exiting the dive and we can either exit over the rocks or if dive time and air supply allows, we can swim round into green bay and exit here. Obviously this is determined by several factors and is a decision that is generally discussed before the dive.

Dive time of the Hole with The Cyprus Diving Centre is a minimum of 45 minutes but can be up to 70-80 minutes.

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