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We fully appreciate that many people would like to learn to dive but don’t want to spend several days of their holiday in a classroom learning their diving theory and then having to study for their exams. This is why at The Cyprus Diving Centre we support the PADI eLearning programmes and are happy to take PADI referrals who wish to do all their theory Online and then all their dives with us in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea here in Cyprus.

What Is PADI eLearning

The PADI eLearning programmes is designed to help people study for their diving theory at their own pace anytime, anywhere. The Online programme allows flexibility and means that you can learn the knowledge development part of your diving course at home or anywhere that you have Internet connection.




Why Do The PADI eLearning Programme

As we mentioned previously, if you are coming to Cyprus on holiday and would like to do your Scuba Diving course but do not want to waste a couple of days in the classroom, then the eLearning programme is right for you. The eLearning programme will allow you to take the knowledge and theory part of the course Online so that when you come to Cyprus, you can do all the practical part of the course and your dives in the sun and in nice warm crystal clear waters. It really is the perfect way to get the most out of your holiday and also combine it with completing your PADI diving course at the same time.

What Does The Online eLearning Programme Entail

Learning to scuba dive requires learning knowledge and theory, as well as learning practical skills. The theory part of your scuba diving course consists of many different accepts to diving including facts, principles and concepts. The practical part of your scuba diving course consists of learning skills, techniques and methods, then putting both the knowledge you learned Online and your skills into practice.

The PADI Online eLearning programme concentrates on teaching you the ‘Knowledge Development’ part of the course.

How Will I Learn

Whichever course you are wanting to take, the Online eLearning programme will cover all the ‘Knowledge Development’ section of the course. The ‘Knowledge Development’ section of the course will be taught in a variety of different ways Online, so you can learn by watching videos, listening to audio, looking at graphics, reading and interacting with a dynamic instructional program.  There are also short quizzes that enable you to check your own progress and reviews if you happen to miss anything along the way. This really is a great way to learn at you own pace.

The Online programme also provides you with access to all the essential materials for one year and you will have access to the Online version of the course manual.

If you are doing your PADI referral at the Cyprus Diving Centre, you would also be able to contact us anytime you have any questions about the course and the ‘Knowledge Development’ and the theory you are learning.


Once you have successfully completed your PADI eLearning Online, you are ready to get in the water with your instructor and start having fun. Which means, you will be able to get in the water when you arrive in Cyprus and begin to apply all the theory and knowledge you have learned.

What PADI Course Can I Do Online

The PADI eLearning Programme now covers a number of PADI courses and these are as follows:

Advanced Open Water Diver Online

Rescue Diver Online

Enriched Air Diver Online

Digital Underwater Photographer Online

Divemaster Online

Instructor Development Online

The Next Step – Getting Starting

If you are interested in completing your ‘Dive Theory’ Online and wish to do the PADI Referral course at The Cyprus Diving Centre, then the next step is very simple. Simply click on the link below and then click on the appropriate diving course you would like to start Online. Once you have registered, you are able to begin your course immediately.

The Cyprus Diving Centre will then be here ready to answer any questions you may have and will then be able to tailor make the practical part of your course to suit you and make it as enjoyable for you as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best in your Online learning.

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