The Discover Scuba Diving Course

The ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course, is the perfect way for anyone to experience the thrill of scuba diving.

It is generally the first steps that most divers take and is all done in a relaxed and enjoyable environment and really is a great experience for the individuals who take part.

Discover Scuba Diving Course Itinerary

Discover Scuba DivingThe Cyprus Diving Centre will arrange transport for all customers to and from their hotel or apartment to the dive centre. These pick-ups are at 9am and 2pm daily.

Once the you arrive at the dive centre, you will be asked to complete the relevant paperwork and will also be asked several medical related questions to ensure you are fit to dive. This procedure is a requirement of the ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course and provides all members of staff at the dive centre with the relevant information they require and also makes them fully aware of any medical condition which may restrict a student diver during their dive.

discover scuba diving flip chartOnce all the paper work and medical questions have been completed, you (student divers) will then be required to listen to and watch one of our Instructors talk through the PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors) ‘Flip chart’.

The ‘Flip Chart’, teaches the student diver the basic diving theory and practical skills they need to know before their first dive. The presentation usually takes between 30-40 minutes

After the ‘Flip Chart’ presentation, you are ready to take your first breath underwater!

However, before you enter the water, you will need to make a quick visit to our Kit Room where you will be fitted with both your wetsuit and boots. A member of our team will help you to ensure you have comfortable, good fitting wetsuit and boots.

Please Note: Fully qualified members of our team assemble all the Scuba equipment which customers use during the dive.

discover scuba diving geoffOnce kitted out with your wetsuit and boots, the student divers are transported to one of the local dive sites. At the dive site, the student divers are then helped into their Scuba equipment by qualified members of our team and are then briefed about the dive.

Discover Scuba Diving – The Actual Dive

The dive commences in less than 3ft of water where all the student divers will take their first breath underwater. Initially, the Instructor asks the student divers to bend down and place their head in the water to become comfortable with their breathing. Once this has been achieved, the student diver is asked to lay flat on their stomach so they are fully submerged underwater (this is still only conducted in 3-4ft of water). Once all the student divers are submerged, the Instructor then demonstrates a few practical skills which the student divers were taught during the ‘Flip Chart’ session. This procedure helps the student divers with their breathing, confidence and helps them become more familiar with the Scuba equipment.

Discover Scuba Diving Cyprus Diving CentreAfter the demonstration, the dive begins. The dive will not start until every student diver is comfortable and feels happy to dive. The dive lasts for about 40-45mins, during which time the divers can feed the fish and have their photos and video taken underwater.

After the dive and arrival back at the dive centre, the Scuba equipment is washed and the student divers are presented with their certificates. The student divers are invited to leave an entry in our ‘Comments Book’ and are then transported back to their hotels.

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