Weather In Cyprus And Diving Conditions

The weather in Cyprus offers good all year diving conditions. Cyprus enjoys warm weather throughout the year, however we can see a few rainy days during the winter months but these are generally short lived and does not really effect the diving. Throughout the summer months from April through to November, Cyprus is blessed with blue skies and very hot temperatures. Throughout these months, the sea temperature is very warm and most divers generally choose to dive in just a shortie wetsuit. As the temerature drops during December through til around March time, obviously the sea temperature drops and this is the time when most divers in Cyprus begin to dive in long wetsuits.

The warm weather in Cyprus means that we can dive 365 days per year and the Cyprus Diving Centre offers courses and package all year round 12 months of the year. Throughout the year, Cyprus also experiences Coptic storms.

What are Coptic storms? I hear you ask! Well, several times throughout the year, Cyprus can experience heavy winds and gales. These generally last for a couple of days and there are normally 14 episodes throughout the year. Coptic Storms are simply winds that originate from Africa and pick up fine dust and sand particles from the Sahara. The Coptic Storms leave traces of fine coloured sand and dust everywhere and as you can imagine, cleaning up after them is a little frustrating. These Coptic Storms obviously make the sea and swell much rougher than usual in certain parts of the island but during these windy days, it is possible to drive a little further along the coast and find dive sites with good diving conditions.

For those of you who are activity driven, you may be surprised to hear that throughout the winter months in Cyprus (January-March), it is possible to ski in Troodos mountains. So, for anyone that wants to combine there holiday with a little skiing or snowboarding, it is possible to enjoy a spot of skiing or snowboarding in the morning and then relax by the pool or on the beach in the afternoon! Please Note: If you do intend to do this, make sure you leave sufficient surface interval time between your last dive and going up the mountain!

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