THE CLIFFS Dive Site In Cyprus

General Information About The Cliffs In Cape Greko Cyprus

Entry:                              Roll In or Giant Stride or Seated
Exit:                                  Climb out over the rocks
Max Depth:                   40 m
Pre-Requisite:             Open Water Divers and above
Dive Time:                    45 – 60 minutes

The Cliffs
The Cliffs

One of those dive sites that caters for all levels of divers and is a popular choice for people visiting Cyprus Diving Centre. Due to the location and the natural formation of the sea bed at ‘The Cliffs’, it is a dive site that can be enjoyed by Open Water divers through to the most advanced divers.

As well as offering a wide range of dives from a leisurely ‘shallow dive’ to a ‘deep dive’, the dive site is also the perfect training ground for students of all levels, as it offers so many different experiences for divers.

Why Choose The Cliffs

The Cliffs wallNot only does the dive site offer great diving conditions for divers, The Cliffs also offers great views along the Cypriot coastline and Konnos bay, which only adds to the beauty of this dive site.

Dive starts in shallow waters of around one metre and divers can choose from a number of different entries. Choosing your desired depth, you can stay in the shallow waters or if you are qualified and more experienced, you can enjoy the greater depths.the cliffs fish

If you choose to have a leisurely dive to around a depth of 7-10 metres, it is possible at this dive site. However, the maximum depth of this dive site is actually 40 metres, so it provides divers with a number of options and a wide range of choice regarding desired depths.

The gradual descent of this dive site is great and if you choose to go to a greater depth, you will enjoy the large drop off from one of the large rocks on the sea bed. As you finn towards the large rock and then over the edge, you will experience the great sensation of freefall into the deep blue sea.The Cliffs SC

After reaching your required depth, you can continue finning and begin to explore the many rock formations.

As you hit the many different depths on this dive, you will see the many different species of marine life that inhabit the waters around this dive site.

Due to ‘The Cliffs’ having a maximum depth of 40 metres which means this is the perfect dive site for teaching the ‘Deep Diver’ Speciality course.

If you would like any further information about The Cliffs or any other dive site or course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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