PADI Courses At The Cyprus Diving Centre

Padi Courses richPadi Courses richThe Cyprus Diving Centre offers students a wide range of PADI Courses. Whether you are completely new to Scuba Diving or whether you just want to progress through the PADI syllabus, you will be able to find the right course to suit your needs and requirements.

At the Cyprus Diving Centre, we pride ourselves on understanding what you the student diver needs and then offer our knowledge and professionalism in delivering our courses to tailor your own personal needs.  We fully understand that each individual is different and that everyone learns at different speeds. As a result, we pride ourselves on having built a reputation of providing courses that are designed to helping make your time at The Cyprus Diving Centre more enjoyable and highly beneficial.

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Certified PADI Diving Courses

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Speciality Courses

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PADI Flow Chart


If you require further information about any of the PADI Courses, or would just like to discuss them, please contact me on:


The Cyprus Diving Centre offers all PADI courses form Discover Scuba diving to Assistant Instructor




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