GREEN BAY Dive Site In Cyprus

General Information About Green Bay In Protaras Cyprus

Entry:                              Walk in
Exit:                                  Walk out
Max Depth:                   10 m
Pre-Requisite:             Beginners and above
Dive Time:                    45 – 80 minutes

Green Bay

Green Bay Cyprus is one of the most popular dive sites in the Protaras area and caters for all levels of divers, especially the absolute beginners. Whether you are a total beginner to diving or an experienced diver, you will enjoy what this bay has to offer.

Due to its setting, Green Bay offers ideal confined water conditions that are perfect for divers wanting to refresh or simply just practice their skills.

1897895_235033906620277_1249761110_nThis dive site is also the perfect environment for anyone new to diving and wanting to experience their first taste of open water diving in the sea.

This dive site is the ideal place for teaching new students and Discover Scuba Diving courses, simply because it offers everything that is required for a safe and enjoyable dive. The bay is a favourite with instructors because not only does it provide a safe environment for teaching but it also has plently to offer in terms of marine life.

The bay is easily accessible, the water is still and crystal clear, the entry is from the beach, the maximum depth is 10M and there are plenty of fish.

DIVE WITH US (7)The Bay not only offers the perfect training ground for new students but also offers a lovely relaxing dive for those divers simply wishing to enjoy a leisurely dive or simply practice their skills in clear waters, at a nice and shallow depth.

Due to the many dive centres and divers that use, the fish are well fed, therefore Green Bay usually has an abundance of marine life.

What Fish Are In Green Bay Cyprus

As Green Bay is one of the most popular dive sites, there are magreen bay octopusny different types
of marine life that frequent the bay. On a good day, you can see a wide selection of fish such as:
Sea Bream, Cornet fish, Ornate Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse, Damsel fish, Moray eel’s, Parrot fish, Octopus, squid to name but a few.

Where Is Green Bay Cyprus

Green Bay is located in Protaras just behind the Cavo Maris hotel and is accessible from the main road.

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