Dive Sites In Cyprus

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Cyprus diving sites are very varied and offer the diver a wide range of choice. No matter what standard of diver you maybe, there is something for everyone and you will be sure to find the perfect dive from the list of dive sites in Cyprus.

Cyprus is the perfect place for the beginner to start and also the perfect environment for the beginner diver to improve on their skills. It is also a great place for the more advanced and adventurous diver to enjoy exploring the many wrecks that are available on the island.


Dive Sites In Protaras and Pernera Cyprus Suitable For The Beginner

Dive sites shallow waterFor the beginner diver, there are plenty of nice shallow dives available and these dives have the added bonus of being shore dives. Shore dives mean that you can start your dive from the shore in shallow waters and slowly descend to deeper water at a safe and controlled pace. Most of the dive sites in and around Protaras and Pernera are accessible from the beach and are a firm favourite for the many divers that visit Cyprus just wishing to have a leisurely, relaxed dive.

These dive sites are generally 7-10 M maximum depth and have plenty of fish and other marine life.


Dive Sites That Are Suitable For Advanced Divers

Dive sites grassObviously, if you are a more advanced diver looking for a bit more adventure, then the more shallow dives may not be what you are looking for. However, many advanced divers that visit Cyprus specifically for the Zenobia wreck, still enjoy the more relaxing shallow dives such as Green Bay. This is simply due to the fact that, there is plenty to see and that these dive sites are great for a refresher dive or simply practicing your skills, especially if it is a while since your last dive.

For the advanced diver, there are plenty of options. Depending on what you want, you have a choice of dives such as The Cliffs, The Caves, The Chapel and several wreck dives in Cyprus.


The major and most famous wreck dive in Cyprus is the Zenobia, which is in Larnaca.






For more information on Dives and Dive sites in Cyprus, please contact the Cyprus Diving Centre


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